Wired Projector Remotes

Remote Control Panel

I created this wired projector remote panel for my church to make it easier to control the projectors.  No longer must we struggle to configure the projectors by waving around the IR Remote.

I installed a cat5 cable that breaks out 1 twisted pair at each of the projectors.  All 3 projectors share a common ground..

The white box on the left is a Keystone jack box with an RJ45 keystone jack installed.  Each remote has a 1/8mini jack that is terminated to one of the pairs of the RJ45 keystone jack.

As finishing touch, the remotes are mounted on a board that I wrapped in some black felt that was left over from building my sound rack.

In the future I would like to figure out the signaling used by each of the remotes and create my own custom controller.  This would let me perform actions like freeze and blank to all 3 projectors simultaneously similar to what  you would get from a video switcher.

Projector Remote Panel

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