Galaxy Note 4 Car Mount

Galaxy Note 4 Car Mount

I just got a new Galaxy Note 4 and its so big that after a week the spring in my old car mount couldn’t hold it anymore

Complete Galaxy Note 4 Car Holder

3d Modeling

Using Solidworks I designed a new bracket that would mount on the blank plastic insert that fills the gap where my car stereo should be. 

3d Model of the final assembly
Simulating the phone insertion
Side Profile of the bracket with the phone installed

3d Printing

Two copies of the bracket were printed using Cura software and my Ultimaker 3d Printer.

Printing with Cura Software
Ultimaker printing the Galaxy Note 4 bracket


The brackets are mounted to the blank stereo insert using 3M Command Strips for easy removal.  Some black foam was added to create a snug fit and prevent the phone from sliding side to side while driving.

Brackets mounted to the blank stereo insert.

Final Product

The final bracket installed in my Honda Civic where the stereo should be

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