Network PDU-S: Wiring it Up

Enclosure Arrived

The enclosure arrived.  Of course I jumped right into assembly.  The only design defect with the case turned out to be the IDC connector.  I must not have used the right 3d model because the radius on the corners is a little different.  A few minutes of filing and we are up and running.


The Button

I created a sub-assembly of some rainbow wire, a 4pin Molex connector, and of course the beautiful button.
Adding the Connector

Completed cable

Completed Button

110VAC Wiring Harness

When I originally designed the PCB I assumed that if I had receptacles and relays that both had quick connect terminals that cabling would be easy.  I was wrong.  Cabling up the 110VAC lines turned out to be one of the more difficult tasks.

Wiring only had a few requirements:

  • Functional
  • Clean routes
  • PCB must be able to be removed
  •  Safe enough to pass UL listing.

Once again, choices made early on in the design turned out to be based on invalid assumptions.  For example, i thought for sure i would be able to find a 11AWG Fully Insulated 90Degree Flag crimp connector with a tab width of .187″.  Nope.

After much deliberation, I made the painful decision to soldering the Neutral and Ground wires directly to the outlets.  I also soldered the load wire to the relay terminals.  So much for “quick” connects…
Finally, I ended up repositioning the PSU to keep the wiring tidy. For now I’ll just tell myself that RevB will have better wiring.

Everything will be better in RevB.

Fully Insulated 90degree Flag Quick disconnect Crimp Connectors
Load, Neutral, Ground All Routed.  Just need to connect PSU

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