Network PDU-S: High Level Design

Design Requirements

1. Its simplest function is power distribution.  the Network PDU-S  will provide a 6rear + 2front outlet power strip.

2. This device includes a programmable sequencer that allows you to power equipment on/off in a specific order.

3. This device includes network control.  From a webpage you will be able to configure the sequencer settings as well as toggle individual outlets on and off.  The device will also be able to send commands to other sequencers allowing you to control the power-up sequence of equipment at remote locations via the internet.

Motivation for this project

1. I travel a lot for work, and sometimes I need to remotely power cycle the servers in my home data center.

2. For my A/V work I need a power sequencer to turn on the sound board and amplifiers in a specific order to avoid equipment damage.

3. In some A/V venues I need to sequence equipment in the sound booth, on stage, and also back in electrical rooms.

4. I would like to get per-outlet power metering so I can closely monitor peak/average power consumption of all of my equipment.

 High Level Design Document

High Level Block Diagram

I created this diagram with DIA diagram tool..

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